Neither straight ahead country or rock, Chad Rex and the Victorstands draw from sources as varied as Bob Dylan & Steve Earle to Husker Du & The Replacements. They are the rare band that sound fresh and classic at the same time.

Only 28 years of age, Chad Rex has been plying his trade in Kansas City under various guises for nearly 10 years.  During an interlude in solo work he briefly moved to Colorado to join Armchair Martian and played on the seminal post-punk record "Monsters Always Scream".  It was at this time that he recorded with alt-country faves Drag The River on their debut record "Hobo's Demo's".  Upon returning to Missouri, Chad decided it was time to focus on his solo work and set about putting together a band that would eventually become The Victorstands.  After many shows and member changes, in early 2000 the band went into the studio to begin work on what would become "songs to fix angels".  

Mention Chad Rex and the Victorstands at the right bar in Kansas City and you will almost always get a raised glass proclaiming their greatness.  With "songs to fix angels" they have added another piece to their legacy, keeping the flame alive for music that transcends classification.  Chad Rex and the Victorstands have come together to create timeless music that bridges the gap between musical generations old and new.  "songs to fix angels" is one of the strongest debut records to come along in years, and only hints at the great things possible from one of the most promising and exciting bands to hit the scene in the past decade.

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